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 Transforming team conflict into team cohesion  
Turn your workplace and personal conflicts into opportunities.
Calgary Workshops
Write on the Wild Side  Alexandra Writers Centre Society 4th APRIL 2020

Are you ready to go beyond today’s fast paced technological world, to take time to stretch beyond the city concrete and listen to the Earth’s song? Here where the inner and outer worlds meet we can expand our creativity, courage and reawaken a sense of wonder. Writing prompts and guided imagery will lead us on an inner exploration to connect to nature and develop a deeper awareness. This will help us generate stories, reap insights and give us confidence to embrace the wild flow.
https://www.alexandrawriters.org/ 1 403 264 4730
@cSpace King Edward, 460, 1721, 29th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6T7 

Conflict Resolution for the Workplace  - Thursday 19th 26th March 2020
www.chinooklearningservices.com      course#99125
Have you ever: 
  • Overreacted and make a difficult situation worse?
  • Been hurt by something someone said?
  • Found technology can escalate conflict?
Wilma can help you and your team better
  • Develop satisfying professional and personal relationships​
  • Manage your anger and fear
  • Increase your organizations vitality
  • Handle conflict with poise and confidence
  • Achieve positive outcomes and a sense of accomplishment

Lord Shaughnessy High School, Registration & Administration, 2336 - 53 Avenue SW,
Calgary, Alberta T3E 1L2                                            Info Line | 403-777-7200

Manage Your Workplace Emotions - Wednesday 12.30 - 3.30 18th March 2020
 www.chinooklearningservices.com course #99148
You can't change conflict and opposing points of view in the workplace. You can, however, change the way you react. Become more emotionally aware, harness your emotions and express them positively with control, confidence and composure. 

We are always looking to improve ourselves. If you have ideas how we can serve you better,  
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"Evaluations were all very glowing ..... Wilma's Conflict Resolution workshop was informative, clear, fun and helpful. It was related to everyone's work and home situations."  

Chris Lawrence, Seniors Advisory Council for Alberta


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