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Facilitator, Coach, Writer

Wilma G. Rubens BSc, Dip. Ed, has a continuing track record of quality, integrity and excellence. She trained with the Conflict Resolution Network of Australia. Since 1991, she has taught conflict resolution and life writing courses with Chinook Learning Services. 

Wilma was awarded the C-Cala Facilitator Life of Learning Award, Calgary in 2000. She is adept at creating a relaxing joyful learning experience. Her dedicated approach, competitive prices and excellent value are why her clients keep returning. 

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit
the changes it has gone through to achieve tat beauty"
Maya Angelou
"Conflict isn't the end - it is the beginning of a change for the better. It's how you handle it that makes the difference. "
Wilma had inspirational things to say. She instilled confidence and taught me a lot. Her handouts on Conflict Resolution were excellent and her workshops were stimulating.

Dawn Wieliczko 
Calgary Vocational Services
Wilma Rubens
Transforming team conflict into team cohesion
 Workshops and Seminars

 From Strife to Strength -   Conflict Resolution for the Workplace  (1hour - 16 hours)
 Conflict isn't the end - it is the beginning of a change for the better. It's how you handle it that     
 makes the difference. Successful problem solvers are not born, they are trained. 

  Tap the Wild Fire - Manage Workplace Emotions   (45min - 6 hours)
  Experience emotional awareness, recognise triggers, generate positive emotion, and express  
  feelings with control, confidence and composure.

​  Creative Journaling - Where Magic Happens
  Nourish your artistic spirit and writing with inspirational exercises, activities and mediations. 
  These will use your imagination and intuition to uncover more clarity and passion. My tapping 
  into your creative flow, you can discover and develop your talents and abilities. 

  All Stressed Up and Nowhere To Go (45 mins - 6 hours)
  Don't let life pass you by. Gain more control of your time and life by integrating your physical,   
  emotional, mental and spiritual intelligences. 

  Journal the Seasons - Claim Your Evolving Story  (2-14 hours)
  Like the seasons, our life patterns journey around in cycles and spirals.
  We live our life forwards yet read it backwards. Self-reflection has the power to help us befriend   
  adversity and conflict with courage, to recognise and integrate our life's seasons and to harvest 
  the insights gained from our experience. This will reveal the mystery of our unfolding selves, free
  our inner rhythms to become more creative and passionate human beings.

  Your Story  - from Straw to Gold (1 hour - 12 hours) 
  We live our life forward yet read it backwards.To  contemplate the story within our wandering  
  life’s path, we will use prompts, meditation, storytelling techniques, and writing to illuminate our 
  inner landscapes, glean rich insights and find creative inspiration in our life experience. (No  
  previous writing is necessary. Suitable for everyone) 

​  Know Your Ancestors
  Create stories to enrich future generations! Bring photos, letters, artifacts or stories to help you 
  explore, reflect and write about you and your family’s place in history. Imaginative exercises and 
  meditations will enable you to glean the wisdom and legacy of your ancestry.
  Contact me for a customised program to suit your needs.


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She is a published writer. She writes to glean the insights from her diverse life experience. She was born in Scotland, has lived all over the world and currently resides in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. 

She has two grown children and a husband who have been known to test her Conflict Resolution skills. She adores the Rocky Mountains. She sometimes says her biggest achievement is to have thrived in 25 Canadian winters.